Sukhmani Nagpal, Founder of Tukda, started her professional journey in U.S in 2014. She graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia with an MBA in Strategic Management and has worked in different capacities in Deloitte and Protiviti .

Her penchant for cooking grew in her kitchen back in India, where she saw her mother cooking healthy Indian dishes. Her experimentation with food grew after her marriage and her husband, Ankush, is her best critic and without a doubt her pillar of support. With her hectic job schedule, she realized the difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and always felt deprived of good homemade food. She felt it is a need of millions of working people to have access to fresh, low fat, healthy food.

With the support and motivation of her family, she quit her job to pursue her passion in cooking, attained a Culinary Certification in French style of cooking and started her company to provide healthy meals through corporate catering and meal deliveries. This is how Tukda – A Morsel of Health was born. Tukda has been in existence for a little over a year now, but has made a special place for itself in the hearts of people who appreciate healthy style of living.

Tukda (pronounced took-ra) means a bite of food. Tukda strives to provide healthy meals through caterings and single pre-ordered meals,, that are blend of Indian and American culture. The food ranges from core North Indian dishes to an infusion of Indian flavors to American dishes. Few other dishes are a blend of different cultures that Sukhmani has come across during her travels and meeting different people. Every single order at Tukda is made fresh with quality ingredients and a lot of focus is laid on the preparation of each dish.

Not just your regular tasting Tikka Masala. It’s fresh, more flavorsome and healthier – Try a Morsel – Try a Tukda.

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