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Tukda (pronounced took-ra) means a bite of food. Tukda strives to provide healthy meals through corporate and party catering, and single pre-ordered meals, that are blend of Indian and American culture. The food ranges from core North Indian dishes to a fusion of Indian flavors to American dishes. Few other dishes are a blend of different cultures that Sukhmani has come across during her travels and meeting different people. Every single order at Tukda is made fresh with quality ingredients and a lot of focus is laid on the preparation of each dish.

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    Sai Praneetha Mutyala
    Sai Praneetha Mutyala

    01:53 29 Jan 18

    I have tried food from various Indian restaurants, but nothing could be comparable to the food from Tukda. These guys make me feel like I am back to my home. The food is always so fresh and healthy, and it gives me the right taste just like home made. It is the best service for providing such a delicious food on time and with perfection. And not to forget about the pretty reasonable prices we get the food for. Just loved the entire combination of providing everything at the best price. 🙂

    Mahima Singh Deo
    Mahima Singh Deo

    01:51 29 Jan 18

    Tukda is a great and convenient option for me especially since I am a student. They have a different menu everyday and the food is delicious. The quantity fits me perfectly and its very economically priced. I have access to home cooked meals and I would recommend that more people try it out!!! ?

    Nikhit Mago
    Nikhit Mago

    00:02 29 Jan 18

    Amazing lunch service. Really fresh and tasty home cooked Indian food. The service is on time and well coordinated. Really worth the price for a sumptuous meal! The chicken served once a week is simply delicious, and the black dal is to die for!

    Hanna Kim L
    Hanna Kim L

    06:14 10 Oct 17

    Tukda food is quite different than any other Indian restaurant near you. The food was on a whole new experience compare to all the Indian food I have tried before. Food is authentic and deliciously tangy and spicy. The every dish that I ordered tasted like it was made from scratch, fresh, and homemade. My daughter who had never tried Indian food before loves the food from Tukda. Her favorite dish is north Indian style chicken and black bean soup. The chicken is fresh, tender and tasted. I love all kinds of bean soup from Tukda specially with the homemade minty cilantro spicy sauce. We have enjoyed every bit of taste of each food. Everything was good and top quality. You will be so satisfied and wanting to share culture and food to others once you try Tukda whether are used to Indian food or not.

    Sini Nagpal
    Sini Nagpal

    04:27 21 Sep 17

    Ordered dinner from Tukda twice, on my visit to LA last weekend. Loved the food, so healthy and so tasty. Just the apt amount of all flavors - truly Indian food with a twist! Great service by Tukda. Will highly recommend trying their food:)

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